A Guide to our Services

At MASTER we aim to provide a "One Stop Shop" for your Marine Asset Repossession, Retrieval, Transportation and Sales Needs. From Simple Boat Repossessions to more complex Yacht Tracking and Reconnaissance, MASTER have the skills to reunite you with your Missing Assets and Securities

Our Services include
    • Tracking and Tracing the Movements of a Marine Asset or Debtor.
    • Service of notices from UK or International Courts upon Individuals, Companies or directly to assets.
    • Collection of monies owed and subsequent transference of monies owed to you
    • Carrying out Contractual, Physical or Mechanical Liens or Arrests of a Marine Asset.
    • Applying to the UK County or High Court on your behalf for a possession order or other Legal Writ.
    • Location of a Marine Asset in a Foreign Country.
    • Removal of a Marine Asset from an insecure or Vulnerable location to a port of Safety.
    • Repatriation of a Marine Asset to a country of your choice.
    • Fully Real-time Satellite Tracking of all our movements so you can track our progress and the location of your asset.
    • Carry out Mechanical, Systems and Hull Surveys.
    • Preparation of a Marine Asset for re-sale.
    • Full Condition Appraisal and Repairs Estimate.
    • Full Sales Particulars Preparation including Photographs, Inventory and Description.
    • Marketing of the Asset on our network of Marine Sales Websites.
    • Conducting Sea Trials and Supervising Viewings.
    • Any other transportation or security of any Marine Asset within the EU (and further afield by negotiation.)

    “Just One phone-call is all it takes to start the ball rolling. Call us today to find out how we can help you.”

    We will handle your instructions personally and see to it that every letter of your wishes is carried out.

    We guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality when dealing with our Clients and their Debtors. No information will be shared with or disclosed to unauthorised parties.